Molecular Genetics Laboratory (Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics)

General information

Molecular Genetics Laboratory
Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics
2420 Pershing Rd
Ste 100
Kansas City
United States - 64108
Organization ID: 193071

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Assertion criteria

Level: Assertion criteria provided

Summary of submissions to ClinVar

Total submissions: 57


GeneSubmissionsLast Updated
MECP223May 8, 2015
ZEB234Mar 2, 2015


NameSubmissionsLast Updated
Mowat-Wilson syndrome31Mar 2, 2015
Rett syndrome23May 8, 2015
not specified3Mar 2, 2015

Testing in GTR

Disease nameNumber of tests
Angelman syndrome1 test
Fragile X syndrome1 test
Prader-Willi syndrome1 test
Thrombophilia due to factor V Leiden1 test
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