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Alerts in ClinVar

Alerts for change in germline classification

ClinVar lets you follow a variant so that you will be notified when the aggregate germline classification of the variant changes!

The aggregate germline classification is displayed in the summary section at the top of ClinVar VCV pages. This value is calculated by ClinVar, based on germline classifications that were provided by submitters. Read more about how ClinVar calculates the aggregate germline classification.

ClinVar publishes data weekly so you'll receive an email if any of your followed variants had a change in classification that week.

To follow a variant:

  • make sure you are logged into your My NCBI account
  • if you don't have an account, we'll direct you to set up an account. It's easy - you can sign in using your account with Google, NIH, eRA Commons, or one of many other third party options.
  • make sure you look for your email confirmation and verify your email address so that we can email you!
  • once you're logged in, just click the Follow button on a variant you want to follow

To view all the variants you follow:

  • make sure you are logged into your My NCBI account
  • click the link to your account in the upper right and select "Dashboard"
  • your ClinVar variants are in the "Collections" section
  • click on "ClinVar variants - clinsig" to view all the variants you are following

To stop following a variant:

  • you can remove the variant from your Collection in My NCBI
  • or on the ClinVar VCV page, use the "Following" button to "Unfollow" the variant


If you are not receiving alerts when you think you should, please consider the following:

  • check which email address is registered with your My NCBI account, especially if you use more than one email account or if you set up your My NCBI account in the past when you may have used a different email address.
  • we encourage you to have a single My NCBI account.
  • if you need to use more than one My NCBI account, always be aware of which account you are using. Also consider linking your accounts together - see the section "Link eRA Commons, University, or other account to your NCBI account" on the My NCBI account page.

  • make sure you confirm your email address on your My NCBI registration. We can't email you until you have confirmed the address.


Please see the disclaimer on the ClinVar website and NCBI's disclaimer.


Do you like this feature? Are there other kinds of alerts that you would like to see in ClinVar? Write to clinvar@ncbi.nlm.nih.gov and let us know!

Last updated: 2024-01-26T22:54:29Z