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Molecular Structure Image for pfam08779

SARS_X4: SARS coronavirus X4 like

The structure of the coronavirus X4 protein (also known as 7a and U122) shows similarities to the im...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam09399

SARS_lipid_bind: SARS lipid binding protein

This is a family of proteins found in SARS coronavirus. The protein has a novel fold which forms a d...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam12133

Sars6: Open reading frame 6 from SARS coronavirus

This family is found in Coronaviruses. Proteins in this family are typically between 42 to 63 amino ...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam17635

DUF5515: Family of unknown function (DUF5515)

This is a family of unknown function found in SARS coronavirus.

Molecular Structure Image for pfam12383

SARS_3b: Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 3b protein

This family of proteins is found in viruses. Proteins in this family are typically between 32 and 15...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam12124

Nsp3_PL2pro: Coronavirus polyprotein cleavage domain

This domain is found in SARS coronaviruses, and is about 70 amino acids in length. It is found assoc...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam11289

APA3_viroporin: Coronavirus accessory protein 3a

APA3_viroporin is a pro-apoptosis-inducing protein. It localizes to the endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-G...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam11633

SUD-M: Single-stranded poly(A) binding domain

This family of proteins represents Nsp3c, the product of ORF1a in group 2 coronavirus. The domain ex...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam12379

DUF3655: Protein of unknown function (DUF3655)

This domain family is found in viruses, and is approximately 70 amino acids in length. The family is...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam11501

Nsp1: Non structural protein Nsp1

Nsp1 is the N-terminal cleavage product from the viral replicase that mediates RNA replication and p...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam11395

DUF2873: Protein of unknown function (DUF2873)

This viral family of proteins has no known function.

Molecular Structure Image for pfam12093

Corona_NS8: Coronavirus NS8 protein

This family of proteins is functionally uncharacterized. This protein is found in coronaviruses. Pro...

Molecular Structure Image for cl03205

Jacalin_like: Jacalin-like lectin domain

Jacalin-like lectins are sugar-binding protein domains mostly found in plants. They adopt a beta-pri...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam17072

Spike_torovirin: Torovirinae spike glycoprotein

The spike glycoprotein is a corona viral transmembrane protein that mediates the binding of virions ...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam16688

CNV-Replicase_N: Replicase polyprotein N-term from Coronavirus nsp1

CNV-Replicase_N is the N-terminal domain of a family of ssRNA positive-stranded porcine transmissibl...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam14754

IFR3_antag: Papain-like auto-proteinase

The replicase polyproteins of the Nidoviruses such as, porcine arterivirus PRRSV, equine arterivirus...

Molecular Structure Image for cd09614

griffithsin_like: Jacalin-like lectin domain of griffithsin and related proteins

Griffithsin is a lectin isolated from a red alga, which has shown potential as an inhibitor of viral...

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