CID/ML#Target NameIC50 (nM) [SID, AID]Anti-target Name(s)IC50 (μM) [SID, AID]*Fold SelectiveSecondary Assay(s) (nM) [SID, Name: IC50 AID]
CID 4257368/ML175GSTO128 [SID 99205797, AID 463081]>30 thiol-based enzymes>10 [SID 99205797, AID 463102]>350LC-MS/MS assay: [SID 99205797, AID 449772]
Cytox assay: [SID 99205797, AID 449773]
Gel-based ABPP: IC50: 28 nM [SID 99205797, AID 463081]
Cell-based assay: [SID 99205797, AID 463094]
Endogenous enzyme assay: [SID 92709100, AID 463098]
Click chem assay: [SID 99205797, AID 463101]
Selectivity assay: [SID 99205797, AID 463102]
Gel-based ABPP: [SID 92709100, AID 463110]

IC50 of the anti-target is defined as greater than the test compound concentration at which less than or equal to 50% inhibition of the anti-target is observed, which is reported in AID 463102. For SID 99205797, no anti-targets were observed at 10 μM in AID 463102, so the IC50 is reported as > 10 μM.

Fold-selectivity was calculated as: > IC50 for anti-target/IC50 for target

From: Optimization and Characterization of an Inhibitor for Glutathione S-Tranferase Omega 1 (GSTO1)

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