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The NCBI Style Guide

Many questions about grammar and consistency arise throughout the course of a day's work, and having one place to go for help with these questions speeds the completion of the task at hand.

People approach their tasks from two viewpoints—one of producing an NCBI website or Bookshelf content, and one of producing content to be published outside of NCBI. “The NCBI Style Guide” is geared toward helping people produce NCBI websites and Bookshelf content by providing specific examples of uses typical to NCBI. There are portions of “The NCBI Style Guide” that provide advice on technical writing in general, as well as a list of other suggested style guides that may be helpful to people producing content to be published elsewhere. Bear in mind that for content published elsewhere, the suggestions for specific styles may not apply.

“The NCBI Style Guide” is basically divided into two main parts, General Writing Skills and NCBI-specific Styles, to provide some assistance to people in both groups.


Bookshelf ID: NBK988


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