Data table for Figure 37Obesity among adults 25 years of age and over, by sex and education level: United States, 1988–1994 and 2007–2010

Sex and education levelPercentSEPercentSE
Adults, 25 years and over23.50.736.00.7
 No high school diploma27.
 High school graduate or GED25.
 Some college23.31.341.40.8
 Bachelor’s degree or higher15.81.326.91.4
 Men, 25 years and over.20.60.835.41.1
  No high school diploma23.01.333.82.2
  High school graduate or GED21.91.536.52.3
  Some college21.
  Bachelor’s degree or higher16.11.728.42.2
 Women, 25 years and over26.
  No high school diploma32.21.543.11.6
  High school graduate or GED28.31.539.21.4
  Some college25.21.640.41.1
  Bachelor’s degree or higher15.51.525.31.5
Adults, 25 years and over23.90.735.70.7
 No high school diploma28.
 High school graduate or GED25.
 Some college23.
 Bachelor’s degree or higher16.51.526.81.4
 Men, 25 years and over.21.00.835.21.1
  No high school diploma23.11.333.42.2
  High school graduate or GED22.41.536.52.2
  Some college21.
  Bachelor’s degree or higher16.41.728.42.3
 Women, 25 years and over26.
  No high school diploma32.91.843.61.7
  High school graduate or GED28.41.539.01.4
  Some college24.71.540.11.1
  Bachelor’s degree or higher17.01.725.51.5

NOTES: SE is standard error. GED is General Educational Development high school equivalency diploma. Data are for the civilian noninstitutionalized population. Totals include those with unknown education level. Obesity is defined as a body mass index (BMI) equal to or greater than 30. Pregnant women were excluded. Age-adjusted estimates are adjusted using three age groups: 25–44 years, 45–64 years, and 65 years and over. See Appendix II, Age adjustment; Body mass index (BMI); Education. Also see Table 74.

SOURCE: CDC/NCHS, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. See Appendix I, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

From: Data Tables for Special Feature: Figures 22–41

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