Table 145Medicare beneficiaries, by race, Hispanic origin, and selected characteristics: United States, selected years 1992–2007

Updated data when available, Excel, PDF, and more data years:

[Data are based on household interviews of a sample of Medicare beneficiaries and Medicare administrative records]

CharacteristicAllNot Hispanic or LatinoHispanic or Latino
WhiteBlack or African American
Number of beneficiaries in millions
All Medicare beneficiaries36.843.845.030.934.435.
Percent distribution of beneficiaries
All Medicare beneficiaries100.0100.0100.084.278.478.
Medical care usePercent of beneficiaries with at least one service
All Medicare beneficiaries:
 Long-term care facility stay7.
Community-only residents:
 Inpatient hospital17.916.716.618.116.216.418.420.019.216.617.116.6
 Outpatient hospital57.974.774.457.874.975.061.176.874.453.171.469.2
 Physician/supplier 192.497.
 Prescription medicine85.294.094.685.594.294.783.192.695.984.694.293.2
ExpendituresExpenditures per beneficiary
All Medicare beneficiaries:
 Total health care 2$6,716$15,622$15,636$6,816$15,587$15,460$7,043$17,865$16,891$5,784$13,503$17,019
  Long-term care facility 31,5812,5662,7851,6742,7292,9691,2553,0352,924*7589861,374
Community-only residents:
 Total personal health care5,05411,75611,4314,98811,48311,0335,53013,37013,0604,93811,81413,470
  Inpatient hospital2,0982,5042,4682,0582,4102,3392,4933,2993,0891,9992,7642,844
  Outpatient hospital5041,2331,3154781,1721,2306681,5771,7095111,4822,370
  Physician/supplier 11,5243,3753,1241,5253,2893,1631,3983,6013,0781,5872,9273,194
  Prescription medicine4683,0022,6524813,0142,5894172,8962,8603892,9993,190
Long-term care facility residents only:
 Long-term care facility 423,05439,36143,25323,17738,68142,20721,27243,84150,810*25,026*49,417*48,911
SexPercent distribution of beneficiaries
Both sexes100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0
Eligibility criteria and age
All Medicare beneficiaries 5100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0
  Under 45 years3.
  45–64 years6.512.212.25.810.610.811.521.622.99.616.815.2
  65–74 years51.543.
  75–84 years28.829.428.329.531.229.824.021.322.
  85 years and over9.711.511.59.912.412.
Living arrangement
All living arrangements100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0
 With spouse51.249.147.353.351.849.633.327.628.350.444.343.2
 With children9.
 With others7.
 Long-term care facility5.*2.0*2.2*2.5
Age and limitation of activity 6
Disabled, under age 65100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0
 IADL only39.036.636.738.936.238.135.837.
 1 or 2 ADL21.219.621.121.520.320.321.216.319.8*20.9*19.2*26.7
 3–5 ADL17.213.313.117.913.412.9*16.8*9.3*11.1*11.9*18.7*16.4
65–74 years100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0
 IADL only17.814.916.417.014.615.422.916.016.5*20.913.820.5
 1 or 2 ADL10.*11.3*9.9*15.7*11.4*12.0
 3–5 ADL4.*7.6*6.2*6.7*4.2*10.2*8.6
75–84 years100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0
 IADL only23.921.822.223.622.022.326.717.019.3*27.821.822.6
 1 or 2 ADL16.513.412.616.813.112.315.3*14.7*13.3*14.9*13.6*13.8
 3–5 ADL13.09.89.912.29.08.9*15.9*17.320.0*13.0*13.1*11.7
85 years and over100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0
 IADL only20.924.426.520.223.826.2*22.1*32.2*27.4*24.7*23.7*29.8
 1 or 2 ADL23.520.219.023.520.619.2*24.3*12.1*21.6*23.7*22.8*15.1
 3–5 ADL35.825.826.536.124.925.3*34.0*30.7*29.0*31.8*32.7*35.4

Estimates are based on 50 persons or fewer or with a relative standard error of 30% or higher and are considered unreliable.


Physician/supplier services include medical and osteopathic doctor and health practitioner visits, diagnostic laboratory and radiology services, medical and surgical services, and durable medical equipment and nondurable medical supplies.


Total health care expenditures by Medicare beneficiaries, including expenses paid by Medicare and all other sources of payment for the following services: inpatient hospital, outpatient hospital, physician/supplier, dental, prescription medicine, home health, and hospice and long-term care facility care. Does not include health insurance premiums.


Expenditures for long-term care in facilities for all beneficiaries include facility room and board expenses for beneficiaries who resided in a facility for the full year, for beneficiaries who resided in a facility for part of the year and in the community for part of the year, and expenditures for short-term facility stays for full-year or part-year community residents. See Appendix II, Long-term care facility.


Expenditures for facility-based long-term care for facility-based beneficiaries include facility room and board expenses for beneficiaries who resided in a facility for the full year and for beneficiaries who resided in a facility for part of the year and in the community for part of the year. They do not include expenditures for short-term facility stays for full-year community residents. See Appendix II, Long-term care facility.


Medicare beneficiaries with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) are included within the subgroups Aged and Disabled. In 2007, less than 1% of Medicare beneficiaries qualified because of ESRD.


IADL is instrumental activities of daily living; ADL is activities of daily living. Includes data for both community and long-term care facility residents. See Appendix II, Activities of daily living (ADL); Instrumental activities of daily living (IADL).

NOTES: Percentages and percent distributions are calculated using unrounded numbers. Expenditures include expenses for Medicare beneficiaries paid by Medicare and all other sources of payment. Data for additional years are available. See Appendix III.

SOURCE: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey, Cost and Use file, Health and Health Care of the Medicare Population. Available from: http://www​ and unpublished data. See Appendix I, Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey (MCBS).

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