Table 13Summary table for ECG

Study TypeQuality ScoreSensitivity %Specificity %PPV %NPV %LR+LR−
Overall (Dobutamine)Yeih, et al., 20075051ProspectiveFair438375542.460.69
High pretest probabilityYeih, et al., 20075032ProspectiveFair508085422.50.625
Low pretest probabilityYeih, et al., 20075019ProspectiveFair336933691.080.96
With beta blockerYeih, et al., 20075024ProspectiveFair535667421.20.84
Without beta blockerYeih, et al., 20075027ProspectiveFair318667572.150.81
AsianYeih, et al., 20075051ProspectiveFair438375542.460.69
OverallHo, et al., 19986730ProspectiveFair71440.530.641.270.65
OverallCin, et al., 200031110ProspectivePoor866181702.180.23
Postmenopausal, ages 55 to 64Cin, et al., 200031110ProspectivePoor866181702.180.23
OverallMarwick, et al., 199555118ProspectiveFair775654781.740.41
High pretest probabilityMarwick, et al., 19955525ProspectiveFair884473671.570.28
Intermediate pretest probabilityMarwick, et al., 19955559ProspectiveFair684553611.240.71
Low probabilityMarwick, et al., 19955534ProspectiveFair10070311003.330
OverallLewis, et al., 20053896ProspectiveGood677883583.00.43
Excluding nondiagnosticLewis, et al., 20053874ProspectiveGood436633741.260.86
OverallLu, et al., 20102876ProspectiveGood815656811.810.35
With LVHLu, et al., 20102836ProspectiveGoodNR31NRNRNRNR
Without LVHLu, et al., 20102840ProspectiveGoodNR69NRNRNRNR
Small heart sizeSiegler, et al., 201125123ProspectiveFair576936851.90.6
Normal heart sizeSiegler, et al., 201125359ProspectiveFair618462833.70.5

Abbreviations: LR+ = positive likelihood ratio; LR− = negative likelihood ratio; LVH = let ventricular hypertrophy; CMR = cardiac magnetic resonance; N = number; NPV = negative predictive value; NR = not reported; PPV = positive predictive value

From: Results

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