TABLE 3-7Top 10 US Baccalaureate Institutions of Science and Engineering Doctorate Recipients, 1999-2003

Total S&E PhDs80,51646,432
1University of California, Berkeley (957)University of California, Berkeley (552)
2Cornell University, all campuses (719)Cornell University, all campuses (462)
3University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (671)University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (450)
4Massachusetts Institute of Technology (650)University of California, Los Angeles (379)
5Pennsylvania State University, main campus (591)University of Wisconsin, Madison (324)
6Harvard University (558)Harvard University (321)
7University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (558)University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (317)
8Brigham Young University, main campus (524)University of California, San Diego (311)
9University of Wisconsin, Madison (510)University of Texas, Austin (305)
10University of Texas, Austin (501)University of California, Davis (501)

SOURCE: National Science Foundation (1999-2003). Survey of Earned Doctorates. Arlington, VA: National Science Foundation.

From: 3, Examining Persistence and Attrition

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