TABLE 3-4Top Reasons for Leaving Science, Engineering, or Mathematics Undergraduate Degree Program, by Sex

Reason for Switching to Non-SEM MajorWomen Men
Non-SEM major offers better education 46 1355
Lack/loss of interest in SEM432421
Rejection of SEM careers and associated lifestyles 38 32011
Poor teaching by SEM faculty334393
Inadequate advising or help with academic problems 29 52010
Curriculum overload296 42 2
SEM career options not worth the effort277 36 4
Shift to more appealing non-SEM career option278276
Loss of confidence due to low grades199277
Financial problems1114 24 9
Morale undermined by competition419 26 8

NOTE: Percentages in bold face indicate where differences between men and women were significant.

SOURCE: E Seymour and NM Hewitt (1997). Talking about Leaving. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.

From: 3, Examining Persistence and Attrition

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