Cover of International Animal Research Regulations

International Animal Research Regulations

Impact on Neuroscience Research

Workshop Summary

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Animals are widely used in neuroscience research to explore normal and abnormal biological mechanisms of nervous system function, to identify the genetic basis of disease states, and to provide models of human disorders and diseases for the development of new treatments. Numerous laws, policies, and regulations are in place governing the use of animals in research. These measures are intended to ensure the humane care and use of animals, including the implementation of practical steps to use the smallest number of animals necessary to achieve significant results while minimizing pain and distress. Many animal care and use issues are generic to all types of biomedical research; however, animal regulations have implications specific to neuroscience research.

To consider these issues from a global perspective, the Institute of Medicine Forum on Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders, in collaboration with the National Research Council Committee on Science, Technology, and Law and the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research, convened the workshop “U.S. and European Animal Research Regulations: Impact on Neuroscience Research.” Held at the Kavli Royal Society International Centre in Buckinghamshire, UK, on July 26–27, 2011, the workshop brought together neuroscientists, legal scholars, administrators, and other key stakeholders to discuss current and emerging trends in animal regulations as they apply to the neurosciences.