Table 32Biologic DMARD plus biologic DMARD versus biologic DMARD studies: functional capacity and health-related quality-of-life outcomes

StudyStudy Design
Study PopulationComparison (dose)Functional CapacityHealth-Related Quality of LifeQuality Rating
Etanercept+Abatacept vs. Etanercept
*Weinblatt et al., 200680RCT
1-year double-blind phase
2-year long term-extension
Patients with active RA despite ETN; mean disease duration 12.8 to 13 yearsETN (25 mg twice weekly)+ABA 2g/kg increased to 10 mg/kg after 1 year) vs. ETN (25 mg twice weekly)Mean change in mHAQ at 12 months: −0.3 vs. −0.2; P=NR
Mean change in mHAQ from 1 year to 2 years: −0.1 vs. 0; P=NR)
Greater improvement in the SF-36 PCS for ETN+ABA group (data NR)
Mean change in SF-36 MCS: 3.9 vs.1.06; P=NS

New studies since last review.

ABA = abatacept; ETN = etanercept; g/kg = gram/killigram; mg = milligram; mg/kg = milligram/killigram; mHAQ = modified health assessment questionnaire; NR = not reported; NS = not significant; PCS = physical component score; RA = rheumatoid arthritis; RCT = randomized controlled trial; SF-36 = Medical Outcomes Test, Short Form 36; vs. = versus; yr = year

From: Results

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