TABLE 2-1Cumulative Total Deaths from Motor Vehicle Crashes Involving Teen Drivers, 2003 to 2012

   Age Group    Projected Cumulative Number of Deaths
   16 to 17    20, 896
   18 to 19    27, 689
   20 to 24    54, 830
   Total    103, 415

NOTE: Analysis based on calculations from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, 2003 data.

SOURCE: Winston (2006).

From: 2, The Anatomy of Crashes Involving Young Drivers

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Preventing Teen Motor Crashes: Contributions from the Behavioral and Social Sciences: Workshop Report.
National Research Council (US), Institute of Medicine (US), and Transportation Research Board (US) Program Committee for a Workshop on Contributions from the Behavioral and Social Sciences in Reducing and Preventing Teen Motor Crashes.
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