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Boland MV, Ervin AM, Friedman D, et al. Treatment for Glaucoma: Comparative Effectiveness [Internet]. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2012 Apr. (Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, No. 60.)

  • This publication is provided for historical reference only and the information may be out of date.

This publication is provided for historical reference only and the information may be out of date.

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Treatment for Glaucoma: Comparative Effectiveness [Internet].

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Appendix CEvidence Tables

Evidence Table 1. Systematic review evidence I (MS Word, 65K)

Evidence Table 2. Systematic review evidence II (MS Word, 69K)

Evidence Table 3. Risk of bias for RCTs (MS Word, 67K)

Evidence Table 4. KQ1 medical population characteristics (MS Word, 51K)

Evidence Table 5. KQ 1 medical outcomes (MS Word, 52K)

Evidence Table 6. KQ 3 24-hour studies (MS Word, 50K)

Evidence Table 7. KQ 4 medical population (MS Word, 54K)

Evidence Table 8. KQ 4 medical outcomes (MS Word, 55K)

Evidence Table 9. KQ5 (MS Word, 49K)

Evidence Table 10. Risk of bias for observational studies (MS Word, 53K)

Evidence Table 11. KQ 6 medical I (MS Word, 57K)

Evidence Table 12. KQ6 medical II (MS Word, 58K)

Evidence Table 13. KQ1 surgical population, visual acuity and visual impairment (MS Word, 49K)

Evidence Table 14. KQ1 surgical Interventions (MS Word, 49K)

Evidence Table 15. KQ1 surgical outcomes (MS Word, 49K)

Evidence Table 16. KQ3 surgical population characteristics (MS Word, 59K)

Evidence Table 17. KQ3 surgical interventions (MS Word, 58K)

Evidence Table 18. KQ6 surgical I (MS Word, 60K)

Evidence Table 19. KQ6 surgical II (MS Word, 59K)

Evidence Table 20. KQ3 and KQ4 medical vs. surgical (MS Word, 46K)

Evidence Table 21. KQ2 (MS Word, 54K)


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