Individual StrategyExample
Presenting essential information only.Presenting information on hospital death rates without other distracting information, such as information on consumer satisfaction.
Presenting essential information first.Presenting information on hospital death rates before information about consumer satisfaction.
Alternative numerical presentation.
  • Presenting information so that the higher number (rather than the lower number) indicates better quality.
  • Using the same denominators to present baseline risk and treatment benefit information.
Adding icon arrays to numerical presentations of treatment benefit.Use of pictographs to display benefit or risk ratios, and grouping icons by their representation rather than scattered throughout pictograph.
Using a reduced reading level.Writing materials at a 7th or 8th grade level or lower, using simple language and a larger font size.
Using video.Using video as an adjunct to verbal narrative to increase the understanding of care options.
Using illustrated narratives.Using personal or third-person stories with corresponding illustrations.

From: Mitigating the Effects of Low Health Literacy

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