Table A1Results of the request for Scientific Information Packets (SIP) by the Scientific Resource Center

CompanySIP Letter SentSIP Received
Abbott Laboratories8/13/2010[no SIP]
Accelerated Care Plus8/13/2010[no SIP]
ACP - Accelerated Care Plus Corporation8/13/2010[no SIP]
Actavis US8/13/2010[no SIP]
AL Voss Associates8/13/2010[no SIP]
Allergan, Inc.8/13/2010[no SIP]
Astellas Pharmaceuticals8/13/2010[no SIP]
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, LP8/13/2010[no SIP]
Bioness, Inc.8/13/2010[no SIP]
Bristol-Myers Squibb8/13/2010[no SIP]
Duramed Subsidiary of Barr Pharmaceuticals8/13/2010[no SIP]
Eli Lilly & Co8/13/2010[no SIP]
Hollister Incorporated8/13/2010[no SIP]
Impax Laboratories, Inc.8/13/2010[no SIP]
Ivax Pharmaceuticals (Teva Pharmaceuticals)8/13/2010[no SIP]
Laborie Medical Technologies8/13/2010[no SIP]
Mentor Corp8/13/2010[no SIP]
Mikart8/13/2010[no SIP]
Mutual Pharma (URL Pharma Inc)8/13/2010[no SIP]
Mylan Pharmaceuticals8/13/2010[no SIP]
New River Pharmaceuticals8/13/2010[no SIP]
Nexstim Inc8/13/2010[no SIP]
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation8/13/2010[no SIP]
Novavax Inc.8/13/2010[no SIP]
Nycomed US Inc8/13/2010[no SIP]
Odyssey Pharmaceuticals, Inc8/13/2010[no SIP]
Ortho-McNeil Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC8/13/20108/31/2010
Osmotica Pharmaceutical Corp8/13/2010[no SIP]
Pfizer Inc8/13/2010[no SIP]
Purepac Pharmaceuticals8/13/2010[no SIP]
Ranbaxy8/13/2010[no SIP]
Reliant Technologies, Inc.8/13/2010[no SIP]
Roche Laboratories8/13/2010[no SIP]
Rochester Medical Corporation8/13/20109/10/2010
Roxane8/13/2010[no SIP]
Sandoz Inc8/13/2010[no SIP]
Sanofi Aventis US8/13/2010[8/27/2010 nothing to supply]
Schering-Plough Corporation8/13/2010[no SIP]
Silarx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.8/13/2010[no SIP]
Somaxon Pharmaceuticals8/13/2010[no SIP]
Taro Pharmaceuticals8/13/2010[no SIP]
Teva Pharmaceuticals USA8/13/2010[no SIP]
UCB, Inc8/13/2010[no SIP]
USL Pharmaceuticals8/13/2010[no SIP]
Vanguard Pharma8/13/2010[no SIP]
Warner Chilcott Company, Inc.8/13/2010[no SIP]
Wockhardt8/13/2010[no SIP]
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Headquarters8/13/2010[no SIP]
Tyco Healthcare UK Commercial Ltd.8/13/2010[no SIP]

From: Appendix A, Search Strings

Cover of Nonsurgical Treatments for Urinary Incontinence in Adult Women: Diagnosis and Comparative Effectiveness
Nonsurgical Treatments for Urinary Incontinence in Adult Women: Diagnosis and Comparative Effectiveness [Internet].
Comparative Effectiveness Reviews, No. 36.
Shamliyan T, Wyman J, Kane RL.

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