FIGURE 36.6. Taste localization by touch.


Taste localization by touch. Stimulus configuration used to measure referral of taste sensations to site of tactile stimulation. On each trial, experimenter touched three saturated cotton swabs simultaneously to anterior edge of tongue, producing identical tactile stimulation at each site. In veridical condition (top), taste stimulus was delivered only on middle swab, with deionized water on two outer swabs. In referral condition, taste stimulus was delivered only on two outer swabs, with deionized water on middle swab. In both conditions, subjects’ task was to ignore any tastes on outer swabs and to rate intensity of taste perceived at middle swab. Significant taste sensations were reported at middle swab in referral condition for all four taste stimuli tested (sucrose, NaCl, citric acid, and quinine). (From Green, B.G., Food Qual. Prefer., 14, 99–109, 2002. With permission.)

From: Chapter 36, A Proposed Model of a Flavor Modality

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