TABLE 13.6Studies with Turmeric Oil

In Vitro
Mutation in S. typhimurium TOa Jayaprakasha et al. 2002
NO and PGE2 production in rat microglial cells0.1–1.0 μM C. comosa b Thampithak et al. 2009
Influenza, PI, RS, AD virus inhibitionTOa Huang et al. 2007
Multiplication of dermatophytes1:40–1:320 TOa Apisariyakul, Vanittanakom, and Buddhasukh 1995
In Vivo
Disaccharidases levelc 10% spent turmeric in dietKumar, Shetty, and Salimath 2005
Sulfation of glycoconjugates levelc 10% spent turmeric in dietKumar, Vijayalakshmi, and Salimath 2006
Blood glucose, abdominal fat leveld 0.5%–2.0% turmeric oleoresin in dietHonda et al. 2006
Total sugar content and uronic acid levelc 10% spent turmeric in dietVijayalakshmi, Kumar, and Salimath 2009
LPO, GSH, free-radicals leveld 200 mg/kg C. comosa orallyJariyawat et al. 2009
Repellency of mosquito0.1 mL/3 × 10 cm TO topicallyTawatsin et al. 2001
Neuronal cell death of rat brain500 mg/kg TO, i.pRathore et al. 2008
Human Studies
Micronuclei in oral mucosal cells and lymphocytesTurmeric oleoresin and TO (600 mg/day)Hastak et al. 1997
OSF0.6 mL of TO three times/day for 1 monthJoshi et al. 2003
SputumVolatile oilLi et al. 1998

TO = turmeric oil; PI = parainfluenza; RS = Rous sarcoma; AD = adenovirus; LPO = lipid peroxidation.

a Not defined.

b Hexane extract.

c Rat.

d Mice.

From: Chapter 13, Turmeric, the Golden Spice

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