TABLE 13.5Human Studies with Turmeric

AsthmaNCRelief from bronchial asthma and coughJain, Bhatnagar, and Parsai 1979
CancerTopical applicationReduction in itching, pain, and size in external cancerous lesionsKuttan, Sudheeran, and Joseph 1987
Mutation1500 g/day × 30 daysReduction in urinary excretion of mutagens in smokersPolasa et al. 1992
Micronuclei600 mg/dayInhibition in micronuclei formation in oral mucosal cells and lymphocytesHastak et al. 1997
Abdominal painTREReduction of dumpy and colicky painNiederau and Göpfert 1999
Ulcer1500 mgReduction of peptic ulcerPrucksunand et al. 2001
IBS144 mg/daily × 8 weeksReduction of abdominal painBundy et al. 2004
InfectionTopical applicationUmbilical cord care after cuttingAlam et al. 2008
Breathing500 mg in dietActivation of hydrogen-producing bacterial flora in the colon, increase in breath hydrogenShimouchi et al. 2008

IBS = irritable bowel syndrome; TRE = turmeric root extract; NC = not clear.

From: Chapter 13, Turmeric, the Golden Spice

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