TABLE C-10Means of Unadjusted Number of Hourly Wages for Adults Aged 24–64 with Selected Pain Conditions (US$2010)

SF-12 Pain MeasuresWeighted MeansLinearized Standard Errors[95% Conf. Interval]F-TestP-Value
No pain$15.220.22$14.80$15.65
Moderate pain11.730.4910.7512.70
Severe pain7.580.336.938.24
Joint Pain
No joint pain14.850.2014.4515.25
Joint pain12.740.3112.1213.37
Arthritis Pain
No Arthritis14.880.1914.5015.26
Functional Disability
No Disability15.230.1914.8615.61

NOTE: Wages were adjusted for inflation as of 2010 using the General Consumer Price Index.

SOURCE: Based on authors’ calculations using the 2008 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey.

From: Appendix C, The Economic Costs of Pain in the United States

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