TABLE 3Comparison of Recommendations Concerning the Use of Carbon Dioxide as a Euthanasia Agent for Rodents

AVMA (2007, amending the 2000 Report of the AVMA Panel on Euthanasia)Acceptable method – gradual fill 33% of cage volume per minute
ACLAM (2006)Acceptable method – gradual fill 20% of chamber volume per minute
CCAC (2010)Conditionally acceptable – use 2-step method where possible (i.e., inhalant anesthetic followed by CO2); otherwise use gradual fill >15% and <30% of the chamber volume per minute
AustraliaAcceptable method – gradual fill 20% of chamber volume per minute
EFSA (2005a)Conditionally acceptable – only on unconscious animal
APC (2006) – Schedule 1 ReviewConditionally acceptable – rising concentration (gradual fill)

From: Veterinary Care for Laboratory Animals

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