Session Objectives: Obtain a better understanding of the background to the study and the charge to the committee. Receive a briefing from NIH about existing areas of science where chimpanzee research is supported. Hear from stakeholders about the use of chimpanzees in research, as specifically related to the committee’s charge.
1:00 p.m.Welcome and Introductions
 John Stobo, Committee Chair
 Senior Vice President
 Health Sciences and Services
 University of California System
1:10 p.m.Background and Charge to the Committee
 Sally Rockey
 Deputy Director for Extramural Research
 National Institutes of Health
1:30 p.m.Committee Discussion with Sponsor
 John Stobo, Committee Chair
 Senior Vice President
 Health Sciences and Services
 University of California System
2:15 p.m.NIH-Supported Chimpanzee Biomedical Research
 Harold Watson
 Deputy Director
 Division of Comparative Medicine
 National Center for Research Resources, NIH
2:35 p.m.Discussion with the Committee
2:45 p.m.BREAK
3:15 p.m.NIH-Supported Chimpanzee Behavioral Research
 Richard Nakamura
 Scientific Director
 National Institute of Mental Health, NIH
3:35 p.m.Discussion with the Committee
3:45 p.m.Panel Discussion: Is there a continued need for chimpanzee research?
 John Pippin
 Senior Medical and Research Adviser
 Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
 Jarrod Bailey
 Science Director
 New England Anti-Vivisection Society
 Kevin Kregel
 Professor, Departments of Integrative
 Physiology and Radiation Oncology
 University of Iowa
 Chair, Animal Issues Committee
 Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
4:15 p.m.Discussion with the Committee
4:45 p.m.ADJOURN

From: C, Information-Gathering Agendas

Cover of Chimpanzees in Biomedical and Behavioral Research
Chimpanzees in Biomedical and Behavioral Research: Assessing the Necessity.
Institute of Medicine (US) and National Research Council (US) Committee on the Use of Chimpanzees in Biomedical and Behavioral Research; Altevogt BM, Pankevich DE, Shelton-Davenport MK, et al., editors.
Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 2011.
Copyright © 2011, National Academy of Sciences.

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