Appendix 8Preparation of a Request for an Opinion

Publication Details

In those cases where strict adherence to the rules of nomenclature would produce confusion or would not result in nomenclatural stability, exceptions to the rules may be requested of the Judicial Commission of the ICSB. Requests for Opinions must be accompanied by a fully documented statement of the relevant facts. The Judicial Commission will consider all Requests for Opinions and either issue an Opinion in the IJSB or signify its attitude in some other way. The title of a manuscript should provide a concise statement of the contents of the manuscript. If an opinion of the Judicial Commission is requested in the text, "Request for an Opinion" should appear as a subtitle. When a request is not supported by adequate evidence, it will be returned to the author for revision. A Request for an Opinion submitted in an acceptable form will be published as soon as possible in the IJSB, and microbiologists are invited to submit statements in support of or in opposition to the Request. When an Opinion is challenged, the basis of the challenge should be stated and supported by a documented statement of the relevant facts.

Requests for Opinions or challenges of such Requests or proposals for Opinions or of an issued Opinion should be submitted to the Editorial Secretary in a form suitable for publication without delay in the IJSB.