Supporting Table 13.The kinetic properties of complex III

Reaction QH2+ 2cyt c3++ 2H+(MAT) → Q + 2cyt c2++ 4H+(IMS)
Mechanism See ref. 28 scheme 3
Rate equationEqn. 3
Species, organ Bovine heart mitochondria
Parameter Class Notice
KmA2.8 x 10-5Class 0K5 x KcF
KmB3.0 x 10-6Class 0K6 x KcF
Kb15.4 x 10-6Class 2 k5/k4, K3 = K4 x Kb1
Kb25.7 x 10-6Class 2 k10/k9, K1 = K2 x Kb2
Kq12.8 x 10-6Class 2 k7/k6, K4 = Kq1/ks
Kq21.9 x 10-6Class 2 k12/k11, K2 = K5 x Kq2
K8622.1Class 2
KcF426.8Class 01/K7

Source for parameter estimation: Figure 6 with 15 μM Q2H2in reference 28.

From: Dynamic Kinetic Modelling of Mitochondrial Energy Metabolism

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