BOX 3-2Balancing Food Intake and Physical Activity

  • One small chocolate chip cookie (50 calories) is equivalent to walking briskly for 10 minutes.
  • The difference between a large chocolate chip cookie and a small chocolate chip cookie is estimated to be about 200 calories or about 40 minutes of raking leaves.
  • One hour of walking at a moderate pace (20 minutes/mile) uses about the same amount of energy that is in one jelly-filled doughnut (300 calories).
  • A fast food meal containing a double patty cheeseburger, extra-large fries, and a 24 ounce soft drink is equal to running 2(½) hours at a 10 minute/mile pace (1500 calories).

SOURCE: DHHS, 2001b.

From: 3, Developing an Action Plan

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