TABLE D-1Community Intervention Categories and 10 Greatest Public Health Achievements 1900-1999

Community-Wide CampaignsSchool-Based InterventionsMass-Media StrategiesLaws and RegulationsProvider Reminder SystemsReducing Costs to Patients
Motor-vehicle safetyXXXX
Safer workplacesXX
Control of infectious diseasesXXXX
Decline in deaths from coronary heart disease and strokeXX
Safer and healthier foodsXXXXX
Healthier mothers and babiesXXXX
Family planningXXX
Fluoridation of drinking waterX
Recognition of tobacco use as a health hazardXXX

From: D, Lessons Learned from Public Health Efforts and Their Relevance to Preventing Childhood Obesity

Cover of Preventing Childhood Obesity
Preventing Childhood Obesity: Health in the Balance.
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