BOX AResearch Parks in Comparative Perspective—an Issue of Scale

This bar chart shows that the average major science park in China is 10, 357 thousand acres, whereas Research Triangle Park, a large U.S. Park is 7 million acres in size. Chinese parks are particularly large when compared to the average size of North American Research Parks, which is 358 thousand acres

FIGURE A-1Relative sizes of U.S. and Chinese research parks

SOURCE: Presentation by Richard Weddle in National Research Council, Understanding Research, Science and Technology Parks: Global Best Practices, C. Wessner, ed., Washington DC: National Academies Press, 2009.

NOTE: “Average North American Research Park” data are from “Characteristics and Trends in North American Research Parks: 21st Century Directions,” commissioned by AURP and prepared by Battelle, October 2007; “Average IASP Member Park” data are from the International Association of Science Parks annual survey, published in the 2005–2006 International Association of Science Parks directory.


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