Table 5.13Diagnostic accuracy of real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) versus culture in studies with a clinical gold standarda

StudyTest detailsSamplesReference standardPCR sensitivityPCR specificityBlood/CSF culture sensitivityBlood culture specificity
Bryant, 2004 68ctrA Taqman PCRBloodConsensus clinical diagnosis88%
n=24 cases
Hackett, 2002 69ctrA WB-Taqman PCRWhole bloodClinical diagnosis in the absence of other positive microbiology88%
n=98 cases
Carrol, 2000 70ctrA and IS1106 S-Taqman and PCR-ELISASerum/plasmaClinical diagnosis in the absence of other positive microbiology47%
n=166 cases
Van Gastel, 2007 71Duplex Taqman PCR targeting Neisseria meningitidis ctrA and Streptococcus pneumoniae plyCSFClinical features of meningitis plus positive CSF Gram stain, positive CSF or blood culture, or postive PCRMeningococcal meningitisn=23 cases
Pneumococcal meningitisn=14 cases

ctrA: N. meningitidis capsular transfer; CSF: cerebrospinal fluid

From: 5, Diagnosis in secondary care

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