Table 5.10Blood white blood cell count – diagnostic statistics (children of all ages)a

Study; evidence levelYears of data collection; proportion of Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib); age rangeBlood WBC count thresholdSensitivitySpecificityOR (95% CI) or PPV and NPVb
Dubos, 200862

Hib: n=7/96

Age range: 1 month to 15.9 years
≥15,000/microlitre48%78%OR=3.4 (95% CI 1.7 to 6.6)
Dubos, 200663 [EL=III]1995–2004

Hib: n=1/21

Age range: 28 days to 16 years
≥15,000/microlitre62%81%OR=7 (95% CI 3 to 22)
De Cauwer, 200735 [EL=III]1997–2005

Hib: n=1/21

Age range: 0 to 15 years
≥15,000/microlitreNot reportedNot reportedNot reported
Sormunen, 199966 [EL=III]1977–1992

Hib: n=23/55c

Age range: 3 months to 15 years
Lembo, 199161 [EL=III]1979–1980 and 1984–1985

Hib: n= 29/46

Age range: 0 to 18.25 years
15,000/microlitre (BM versus AM/EI)22%73%Not reported

AM: aseptic meningitis; BM: bacterial meningitis; EI: extrameningeal bacterial infection; WBC: white blood cell


OR: odds ratio; NPV: negative predictive value; PPV: positive predictive value


All Gram-negative

From: 5, Diagnosis in secondary care

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