Table A3Characteristics of randomized trials of vitamin E supplements

Study (Year), CountryMean age [y] (Males [%])PopulationInterventionControl
Stephens (1996), UK3362 (84)Coronary atherosclerosis1,035Vit E967Placebo
Rapola (1997) Finland3659 (100)Prior MI466Vit E438Placebo
Virtamo (1998), Finland3257 (100)CVD risk factors, no prior MI6,820Vit E6,849Placebo and/or vit A
GISSI-P (1999), Italy3560 (85)Prior MI5,660Vit E5,664Placebo
Boaz (2000), Israel3469 (69)CVD patients on dialysis97Vit E99Placebo
de Gaetano (2001), Italy4164 (42)CVD risk factors2,231Vit E2,264No supplement
Hodis (2002), US4056 (49)General population177Vit E176Placebo
Sacco (2003), Italy3764 (43)CVD risk factors1,877 (no DM), 509 (DM)Vit E1,877 (no DM), 522 (DM)No supplement
Lee (2005), US3955 (0)General population19,937Vit E19,939Placebo
Lonn (2005), Canada3866 (74)History of CVD4,761Vit E4,780Placebo
Cook (2007), US4261 (0)History of CVD4,083Vit E4,088[Not stated]
Devaraj (2007), US4361 (72)History of CAD44Vit E46Soybean oil
Milman (2008), Israel4469 (48)Type 2 DM726Vit E708Placebo
Sesso (2008), US4564 (100)With or without history of CVD7,315Vit E7,326Placebo and/or vit C

CVD = cardiovascular disease; DM = diabetes mellitus; GISSI-P = Gruppo Italiano per lo Studio della Sopravvivenza nell’Infarto miocardico –Prevenzione; MI = myocardial infarction; vit = vitamin


This is a subset of participants relevant to our comparison of interest

From: Appendix A, Meta-analysis Methodology

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