Table 8Elements of usual care

StudyaNot reportedbAcute carecRehabilitationdFollowupeEducationfCoordinationg
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Articles cited in the Study Characteristics (Table 5/5b) that are secondary or followup data analyses of an earlier study are not included in this table.


The authors did not report a definition of “usual care.”


Acute care refers to any level of specialty care (e.g., stroke unit, cardiac care unit).


Rehabilitation includes inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation.


Followup includes patient followup (telephone, in-person, office visit) and any form of care delivered in the home setting (e.g., nursing care, rehabilitation).


Education refers to any form of formal education plan focused on facilitation the transition of care.


Coordination refers to any form of care coordination (e.g., discharge planning, physician referral).

From: Results

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