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Centre for Clinical Practice at NICE (UK). Food Allergy in Children and Young People: Diagnosis and Assessment of Food Allergy in Children and Young People in Primary Care and Community Settings. London: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (UK); 2011 Feb. (NICE Clinical Guidelines, No. 116.)

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Food Allergy in Children and Young People: Diagnosis and Assessment of Food Allergy in Children and Young People in Primary Care and Community Settings.

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Appendix 3.0Non-IgE-mediated food allergy – Cost effectiveness analysis

Review of resource use studies for the diagnosis non-IgE-mediated food allergies in children

Sladkevicius E, Nagy E, Lack G et al (2010) Resource implications and budget impact of managing cow milk allergy in the UK. Journal of medical economics 13(1): 119-28
Guideline topic: Food allergyQuestion no:2
Check list completed by Prashanth Kandaswamy
Section 1: ApplicabilityYes/ Partly/ No/ Unclear/ NAComments
1.1 Is the study population appropriate for the guideline?YesInfants with CMA
1.2 Are the interventions appropriate for the guideline?Yes
1.3 Is the healthcare system in which the study was conducted sufficiently similar to the current UK NHS context?Yes
1.4 Are costs measured from the NHS and personal social services (PSS) perspective?Yes
1.5 Are all direct health effects on individuals included?N/A
1.6 Are both costs and health effects discounted at an annual rate of 3.5%?NoNot necessary given time horizon
1.7 Is the value of health effects expressed in terms of quality-adjusted life years (QALYs)?N/A
1.8 Are changes in health-related quality of life (HRQoL) reported directly from patients and/or carers?N/A
1.9 Is the valuation of changes in HRQoL (utilities) obtained from a representative sample of the general public?N/A
1.10 Overall judgement: Directly applicable/Partially applicable/Not applicable There is no need to use section 2 of the checklist if the study is considered ‘not applicable’. Applicable
Other comments
Section 2: Study limitations (the level of methodological quality)
This checklist should be used once it has been decided that the study is sufficiently applicable to the context of the clinical guideline
Yes/Partly/No/Unclear/NA CommentsComments
Does the model structure adequately reflect the nature of the health condition under evaluation?
2.2 Is the time horizon sufficiently long to reflect all important differences in costs and outcomes?YesA longer time horizon would be preferable, but current time horizon appears acceptable
2.3 Are all important and relevant health outcomes included?Partly
2.4 Are the estimates of baseline health outcomes from the best available source?Yes
2.5 Are the estimates of relative treatment effects from the best available source?Yes
2.6 Are all important and relevant costs included?Yes
2.7 Are the estimates of resource use from the best available source?YesNHS specific costs used
2.8 Are the unit costs of resources from the best available source?Yes
2.9 Is an appropriate incremental analysis presented or can it be calculated from the data?N/A
2.10 Are all important parameters whose values are uncertain subjected to appropriate sensitivity analysis?Yes
2.11 Is there no potential conflict of interest?PartlyFunded by CMA milk maker, but not directly to authors
2.12 Overall assessment: Minor limitations/Potentially serious limitations/Very serious limitations
Minor Limitations
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All rights reserved. This material may be freely reproduced for educational and not-for-profit purposes. No reproduction by or for commercial organisations, or for commercial purposes, is allowed without the express written permission of NICE.

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