Table 1Immunotherapy of tumors in mice through targeting 4-1BB

MethodTumor TypeImmune Cells InvolvedRef.
Agonist 4-1BB-specific antibodySarcoma, mastocytomaCD8 and CD436
Tumor transfected with 4-1BBLSarcoma, mastocytomaCD837
Tumor transfected with 4-1BBLLymphomaCD838
Agonist 4-1BB-specific antibodyFibrosarcomaCD862
Agonist 4-1BB-specific antibodyLung carcinoma, CD839
Tumor transfection with Fv melanoma
of 4-1BB-specific antibodyMelanomaCD4 and NK41
Agonist 4-1BB-specific antibody
with adenovirus expressing IL-12Colon carcinomaCD8 and NK43
Agonist 4-1BB-specific antibody
with dendritic cell vaccineFibrosarcomaCD8, NK, CD442
Adenovirus expressing Ig-4-1BBLHepatic colon carcinomaCD844

From: 4-1BB as a Therapeutic Target for Human Disease

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