Box 48No volume number present

  • If there are issues only, no volume numbers, follow the dates of publication and citation with a semicolon and the issue number, placed in parentheses
    • Suber P. Providing open access to past research articles, starting with the most important. SPARC Open Access Newsl [Internet]. 2004 Jun 2 [cited 2007 Jan 10];(74):[about 3 screens]. Available from:
  • If a journal uses only an article numbering scheme instead of a volume and issue, treat the number as location (pagination) and follow the instructions under Article numbers used for location
    • Aoki TT, Grecu EO, Arcangeli MA, Meisenheimer R. Effect of intensive insulin therapy on abnormal circadian blood pressure pattern in patients with type I diabetes mellitus. Online J Curr Clin Trials [Internet]. 1995 Dec 15 [cited 2007 Jan 4]:Doc No 199 [about 10 screens]. Available from: Subscription required to view.
    • Cunningham PJ, May JH. Medicaid patients increasingly concentrated among physicians. Tracking Reports [Internet]. 2006 Aug [cited 2007 Mar 20]:Report 16 [5 p.]. Available from:
  • If no volume, issue, or article number can be found in a journal, follow the year (and month or season if present) with any date of update/revision and the date of citation. End with a colon and the location (pagination)
    • Jacobs JL, Lee MT, Lindberg M, Kamin C. Problem-based learning, multimedia, and a paucity of behavioral issue learning. Med Educ Online [Internet]. 2005 [cited 2007 Jan 5]:[5 p.]. Available from:
    • O'Neill M, Dupere S. Health promotion: the next generations. Rev Health Promot Educ Online [Internet]. 2005 [cited 2007 Jan 10]:[10 paragraphs]. Available from:

From: Chapter 23, Journals on the Internet

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