Box 26Journals appearing in different editions

  • If a journal is published in more than one edition, include the edition information after the title
  • Abbreviate and capitalize all significant words in the edition information and omit other words, such as articles, conjunctions, and prepositions. For example: of, the, at, in, and L'.
  • Use the same rules for abbreviating the words in an edition statement as for the words in journal titles (see Abbreviation rules for journal titles)
  • Do not follow abbreviated words with a period
  • Omit any punctuation found
  • Separate the edition from the title by a space and place it in parentheses
  • End edition information with a space, followed by Internet in square brackets and a period
    • Pattison MA, Webster TJ, Haberstroh KM. Select bladder smooth muscle cell functions were enhanced on three-dimensional, nano-structured poly(ether urethane) scaffolds. J Biomater Sci (Polym Ed) [Internet]. 2006 [cited 2007 Jan 8];17(11):1317-32. Available from:
  • See the Abbreviation rules for editions for more information
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Abbreviation rules for editions.

From: Chapter 23, Journals on the Internet

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