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  • If the database part being cited has an identifying number or letter but has no name accompanying it, such as Record No. or Accession No., use the words "Acquisition No." followed by the number or letter
  • If the part being cited is clearly a table, figure, chart, or similar part but it is not labeled as such, place the name in square brackets and follow it with any identifying number or letter. If there is no number or letter, follow the name with a comma and the title of the part.
    • WHOSIS: WHO Statistical Information System [Internet]. Geneva: World Health Organization. c2007 -   . [Table], GBD 2000: deaths by age, sex and cause for the year 2002; [cited 2007 Feb 16]; 1.19Mb. Available from:
  • If the part being cited has no number, is not a table, figure, or chart, and has no other identifying name such as "section", begin with the title of the part
    • Data and calculations required for a life table;
    • Sialography;

From: Chapter 24, Databases/Retrieval Systems/Datasets on the Internet

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