Box 39No place of publication can be found

  • If no place of publication can be found on the opening screens or elsewhere on the site but the place can be reasonably inferred (e.g., Chicago as the place for a publication of the American Medical Association), place the city in square brackets, such as "[Chicago]"
    • Cohen BA, Lehmann CU. Dermatology Image Atlas [Internet]. [Baltimore (MD)]: Johns Hopkins University. c2000 -   [updated 2007 Jan 29; cited 2007 Feb 2]. Available from:
  • If no place of publication can be found or inferred, use [place unknown]
    • Pfam [Internet]. Version 21.0. [place unknown]: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. [date unknown] -   [updated Nov 2006; cited 2007 Feb 1]. Available from:

From: Chapter 24, Databases/Retrieval Systems/Datasets on the Internet

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