Box 92No page numbers appear on the pages of the part

Occasionally, a table, figure, appendix, or another part will appear on a page that is not numbered.

  • If only the part to be cited has no page numbers, identify the location in relation to numbered pages. For example: preceding p. 17 or following p. 503. Place such phrases in square brackets.
    • Figure 5, Modeling the risk of in-hospital death following lung resection; [preceding p. 55].
    • Appendix, Patient questionnaire; [following p. 174].
  • If the entire book has no page numbers or the part cannot be easily located in relation to numbered pages, give the total number of pages of the part you wish to cite, placed in square brackets, such as [5 p.]
    • Table, Checklist of symptoms; [1 p.].

From: Chapter 3, Conference Publications

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