Box 82Paper accompanied by a videocassette, CD-ROM, DVD, etc.

  • A videocassette, CD-ROM, DVD, or other medium may be published with a paper to display the visual material that accompanied the presentation. If a paper has such supplemental material accompanying it, begin by citing the paper and the proceedings in which it is found. Add the phrase "Accompanied by: " followed by the number and type of medium.
    • Carter MA, Alcott BA. Suture techniques for jejunojejunal anastomosis. In: Libovitz CC, editor. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Gastroenterology Surgery; 2004 May 3-5; Bonn, Germany. Berlin: Wiener Verlag; 2005. p. 245-8. Accompanied by: 1 CD-ROM.

From: Chapter 3, Conference Publications

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