Box 35More than one type of secondary author

A conference proceedings may have several types of secondary authors.

  • List all of them in the order they are given in the publication
  • Separate each type of secondary author with the accompanying role by a semicolon
  • End secondary author information with a period
    • Smith BC, translator; Carson HT, illustrator.
    • Graber AF, Longstreet RG, translators; Johnson CT, Marks C, Huston MA, illustrators.
  • Place secondary author information following the place of the conference
    • Doring R, editor. The German health reporting system and current approaches in Europe: a comparative view on differences, parallels, and trends. Proceedings of the International Conference; 2001 Nov; Berlin. Carney A, Frank M, translators. Berlin: Robert Koch-Institut; 2002. 150 p.

From: Chapter 3, Conference Publications

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