Box 46Compiler instead of an author

A compiler is someone who collects and organizes the work of others.

  • Place the name of a compiler in the author position when the collection consists of the works of various individuals or organizations
  • Follow the same rules as used for author names
  • Separate the names of multiple compilers with a comma
  • Follow the name of a single compiler or the last named compiler with a comma and the word compiler or compilers
  • End compiler information with a period
    • Kase G, compiler. Mt. Airy Forest collection [prints + slides]. 1928-1954. 549 prints: black & white, 9 x 15 cm.; 64 slides: color, 2 x 2 in. Located at: Cincinnati Historical Society Library, Cincinnati, OH.
  • If there are both an author and a compiler, place the compiler in the secondary author position, following the title and type of medium

From: Chapter 17, Prints and Photographs

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