Box 3Given names containing punctuation, a prefix, a preposition, or particle

  • Disregard hyphens joining given (first or middle) names
    • Jean-Louis Lagrot;   becomes   Lagrot JL
  • Use only the first letter of given names and middle names if they contain a prefix, a preposition, or another particle
    • D'Arcy Hart;   becomes   Hart D
    • W. St. John Patterson;   becomes   Patterson WS
    • De la Broquerie Fortier;   becomes   Fortier D
    • Craig McC. Brooks;   becomes   Brooks CM
  • Disregard traditional abbreviations of given names. Some non-US publications use abbreviations of conventional given names rather than single initials, such as St. for Stefan. Use only the first letter of the abbreviation.
    • Ch. Wunderly;   becomes   Wunderly C
    • C. Fr. Erdman;   becomes   Erdman CF
  • For non-English names that have been romanized (written in the roman alphabet), capitalize only the first letter if the original initial is represented by more than one letter
    • Iu. A. Iakontov;   becomes   Iakontov IuA
    • G. Th. Tsakalos;   becomes   Tsakalos GTh

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