Table 1.IIPrincipal complications of obesity

CardiovascularCoronary heart disease *
Arterial hypertension *
Cerebrovascular accidents *
Deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism
Heart failure
Impairment of hemostasis: fibrinolysis, PAI1
Autonomic dysfunction
RespiratorySleep apnea syndrome *
Alveolar hypoventilation *
Respiratory insufficiency *
Pulmonary hypertension
OsteoarticularOsteoarthritis of the knees, low-back pain, postural disorders
GastrointestinalGall stone, hepatic steatosis, gastroesophageal reflux
CancerMen: prostate, colorectum, bile ducts
Women: endometrium, bile ducts, cervix, ovaries, breast, colorectum
MetabolicInsulin resistance *, type 2 diabetes mellitus *
Dyslipidemia *, hyperuricemia *, gout
EndocrineInfertility, ovulation disorders *
Hypogonadism (men, massive obesity)
Proteinuria, glomerular sclerosis
RenalExcessive sweating, skin fold mycoses, lymphedema
OtherLeg edema
Intracranial hypertension
Obstetric complications, operative risk

* Complications related to abdominal adiposity

From: Obesity: Assessment and the evaluation of obesity prevention and management programs

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