Examples of sources of information about the young and their health behavior in France

Adolescents - 1993 national investigation – INSERM U169
ACSJ Survey (attitude and sexual behavior of youth 15–18 years of age) 1994 – ANRS/CNRS/EHESS/INSERM
Deviant behavior by high school students 1997 – CADIS/OFDT
Youth health barometer 1997/98 – CFES
Parisian high school students and psychoactive substances: trends. Synthesis of studies in 1983, 1991, 1998 – INRP/PARIS X/OFDT
ESPAD survey (European school survey on alcohol and other drugs) 1999 – INSERM/OFDT/MENRT

From: Health education for young people: Approaches and methods

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