Table 144.2Abbreviated Tests of Pituitary or Target Gland Dysfunction

Suspected diagnosisAppropriate testInterpretation
AcromegalySerum GH/SmCNonstressed state: GH > 30 ng/ml SmC > 0.2 μg/ml diagnostic
Cushing's syndromeOvernight 1 mg dexamethasoneCortisol <5 μg/dl rules out diagnosis
Hyperthyroidism (nondiagnostic thyroxin)Serum HS–TSH<0.3 μU/ml consistent with diagnosis
PanhypopituitarismSerum prolactin and TSH after TRHFailure of both to double consistent with diagnosis
Serum cortisol after cosyntropinFailure to exceed 18 μg/dl consistent with diagnosis
Serum deoxycortisol after metyrapone<10 μg/dl consistent with diagnosis

From: Chapter 144, Abbreviated Tests of Endocrine Function

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