Table VRandomized studies on diagnosis and treatment of common bile duct stones

Lygidakis (105)1983No90Choledochoduodenostomy after choledochotomy < T-tube drainageMorbidityP<0.05
Reoperation rateP<0.0001
Pitt (106)1985No37Preoperative Percutaneous transhepatic drainage > No drainageHospital stayP<0.005
No difference in mortality or morbidity
Neoptolemos (107)1986No112Urgent ERCP plus ES Versus Conventional treatmentNo differences in success ratep>0.05
Neoptolemos (108)1987No121Preoperative ES plus surgery < Surgery aloneHospital stayP=0.0065
No differences in success rate, mobidity, mortality
Neoptolemos (109)1988Yes121Urgent ERCP and ES Versus Conservative treatmentComplicationsP=0.03
Hospital stayP=0.0346
Stain1991No52Preoperative ES + surgery < Surgery aloneCommon bile duct clearanceP<0.05
No difference in morbidity or mortality
Murison1993No285Preoperative cholangiographyNo difference on postoperative morbidity or mortality>0.05
No cholangiography
Hammarstrom1996No1042Preoperative infusion cholangiography Intraoperative cholangiographyNo difference between groups with regard to morbidity, retained stones, positive predictive value for bile duct stonesp>0.05
Kapoor1996No33Endoscopic sphincterotomy plus surgeryNo difference in common bile duct clearance, hospital stay and cost of treatmentp>0.05
Surgery alone
Nies1997No275IOCNo difference in postoperative complicationsP>0.05
Birth1998No518Laparoscopic intraoperative ultrasonographyFailure in detection of CBDSNo p-value indicated
Visualization of CBD
Intraoperative cholangiographyTime of procedure US < IOCP<0.001
Rhodes1998No40Laparoscopic common bile duct explorationThere was no difference in duct clearance, duration of treatment, hospital stayp>0.05
Postoperative ERCP
Stiegmann (110)1998No98Open cholecystectomy with IOC and CBDE ES aloneRecurrence of symptoms
No difference in morbidity or mortalityp>0.05
Cuschieri1999No300Preoperative ERC with ES followed by LC > Single-stage laparoscopic managementHospital stayP<0.05
Conversion rate higher in single stage managementP=0.08
No difference in success rate and morbidity between groups
Chang2000Yes60Preoperative ERCP > Selective Postoperative ERCPHospital stayP=0.042
ERCP use
No difference in combined treatment failure rate

From: Cholecystitis and Cholelithiasis

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