Table IClinical Indices of Patient “A” prior to and just after 26 days of treatment with Growth Hormone, Glutamine, and Diet modification

ParameterPrior to TreatmentAfter Treatment
Weight (Ideal Body Wt 43–57 kg)50 kg53 kg
Ave. Daily PO calories/protein intake1879 kcal/88 grams2328 kcal/113 grams
Ave. Daily Ostomy Stool Output3 liters1.5 liter
Ave. Daily Enteral Balancea-450 ml+1752 ml
Ave. IV Calorie / Protein Intake1504 kcal/90 grams0/0
Ave. Daily IV fluid administered2100 ml0
Frequency of TPN Administration7 days per week0

Enteral balance = PO Fluid intake minus Stool Output

From: Short bowel syndrome

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