Table IPatient and graft survival rates at three and five years, computed using the Kaplan-Meier method. (UNOS Scientific Registry data as of September 15, 1997) (10). “N” denotes the number of transplants from October 1987 through December 1995 for which a survival time could be determined, “n.c.” denotes not calculated for the unknown categories

Primary diagnosisN3 year patient survival5 year patient survival3 year graft survival5 year graft survival
%Std. Err.%Std. Err.%Std. Err.%Std. Err.
Non-cholestatic cirrhosis1073476,30,570,10,666,10,559,30,6
Cholestatic liver disease/cirrhosis347784,30,780,70,873,60,869,30,9
Biliary atresia154985,01,082,11,267,21,263,91,3
Acute hepatic necrosis136769,91,467,11,555,61,452,21,5
Metabolic disease97882,21,379,91,570,71,567,31,7
Malignant neoplasms79646,32,035,42,240,81,930,72,0

From: Liver transplantation

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