Table F3Children and adolescents—atypical versus conventionals

Adverse EventsDrug# of studies# adverse eventssample size# adverse eventssample sizePooled OR95% CI
Appetite or Weight/IncreaseRisperidone1202422261.10(0.18, 6.75)
Neuro/FatigueRisperidone192410261.04(0.29, 3.81)
Neuro/HeadacheRisperidone12245262.57(0.37, 29.80)
Neuro/Movement DisorderRisperidone15242260.32(0.03, 2.25)
Neuro/Movement Disorder/EPSRisperidone18244260.37(0.07, 1.68)
Neuro/SedationRisperidone1102412261.20(0.34, 4.25)
Psychiatric/DepressionRisperidone16248261.33(0.33, 5.68)
Psychiatric/SleepRisperidone17241260.10(0.00, 0.90)
TraumaRisperidone16241260.12(0.00, 1.16)

CI = confidence interval; EPS = extrapyramidal symptoms; OR = odds ratio

From: Appendix F, Adverse Events Analyses

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