Table 1Lipocalins as diagnostic markers of pathological conditions

ConditionLipocalinMajor References
I. Renal Function
Glomerular filtration rateα1-microglobulin2, 24
L-PGDS/β-trace22, 23
Proximal tubular functionα1-microglobulin2, 3, 25-27
Retinol-binding protein3
Acute renal failureNGAL28
II. Inflammation and infection
Acute phase of inflammationα1-acid glycoprotein3-5
NGAL3, 4, 55
Distinction between acute bacterial and viral infectionsNGAL3
III. Malignancy
Lung cancerα1-acid glycoprotein37, 38
Hepatocellular carcinomaα1-microglobulin40, 41
IV. Allergy
IgE-dependent allergyLipocalin allergens17, Chapter 15

From: Lipocalins in Clinical Medicine

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